2021 Report



Health, education and culture are central to society's progress - particularly in the context of the health crisis and the climate emergency. ACCIONA puts people first by focusing on healthcare and education.

ACCIONA seeks to positively influence societal development by providing comprehensive social infrastructure services and solutions for health, education and cultural engineering, and for ecosystem conservation and the regeneration of the natural environment.

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ACCIONA puts people first by focusing on healthcare and education

Our long-term ambition

Aim Result
Sustainable transformational innovation ACCIONA will develop innovative and regenerative diferential value in the company.
Regenerative ecosystems ACCIONA will develop an ecosystem of organisations capable of increasing our capacity for regenerative transformation.

ACCIONA to build and operate La Serena Hospital

With an investment of US$258 million (€207 million), this will involve the construction and management of one of the largest hospital complexes in the Coquimbo region, in northern Chile.

The contract involves the construction and management of one of the largest hospitals in the area, and its concession for 15-years. The new hospital will benefit a population of more than 700,000 people.

For some services, such as specialized neonatology and oncology, it will provide transregional care (including Atacama), so the new hospital will have an impact beyond the Coquimbo region.

Our Social Solutions

ACCIONA is committed to overall societal wellbeing, with a central objective to drive the development of accessible, efficient, and sustainable healthcare infrastructure. To this end, the group deploys its experience in the construction and operation of healthcare infrastructures capable of addressing today's challenges.

The company also operates and maintains hospital infrastructures through the following solutions:

  • Care for users and patients
  • Cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection
  • Waste management
  • Hospital maintenance and logistics

Universities and student residences are knowledge and cultural exchanges, which constitute levers for sustainable development. ACCIONA is a leader in the construction and management of universities and student dorms.

ACCIONA also provides services to schools, from managing municipal nurseries and schools of music, languages and crafts, to deploying transport supervisors, support teachers and morning supervision.

The regeneration of the natural environment is critical to mitigate the impacts of climate change and maintain ecological balance. ACCIONA's experts design ecosystem restoration solutions and projects to conserve and maintain natural environments, coasts and linear infrastructure.

These projects demand quality environmental and sustainability policies, all services are delivered in line with such criteria, including the use of electric machinery and materials recycling to minimise CO₂ emissions.

Our services include:

  • Gardening, landscaping and urban planning
  • Forests, hydrological restoration and coastal regenerationn
  • Electricity lines, roadsides and railways
  • Golf courses and sports areas
  • Watering and irrigation networks
  • Landscaping and surveillance and environmental engineering
  • Urban development and restoration or heritage

Cultural spaces play a key role in the development of free and educated societies. Equipping museums and art centres with the latest technologies ensures the preservation and progression of our cultural heritage. ACCIONA is determined to showcase culturally transformative museum experiences.

Many cultural and branding projects undertaken by ACCIONA seek to create unique, memorable and immersive experiences around regional history and cultural heritage. These projects are designed to be sustainable and promote local development in regions where the company operates.

ACCIONA Cultural Engineering uses its creative and innovative abilities to design highly innovative live communication experiences within the events that it plans and manages. Formulas that combine technique, creativity and innovation with a clear goal in mind: to create experiences capable of transforming people and their environments.

Real Madrid Experience (RME)

ACCIONA was selected by Real Madrid Football Club to design the Real Madrid Experience (RME), which will be featured in the new Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (Madrid, Spain), once its current renovation has been completed.

The experience features four areas covering 16,000 m²: a museum, a tour, immersive spaces and a Sky Experience. RME will give Real Madrid fans, citizens and tourists an inside view of the Club, offering an immersive experience that combines culture, sports, cuisine and leisure with the latest technology.