2021 Report



Cities drive economic progress. They also hold over 55% of the world's population. ACCIONA is helping create cities of the future: perfectly connected networks of collaboration and progress, adapted to the global climate emergency and in a state of continuous transformation to maintain the environmental balance.

ACCIONA's dedicated Cities unit focuses on:

  • waste management and the circular economy
  • electric and shared mobility
  • revitalising urban space
  • increasing green areas

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The goal is to enhance living standards, making places where people and the environment thrive.

Our Cities Solutions

The urban environment of the future will be built through fewer materials, from reused and recycled sources - and will depend on innovative technology, much of which is still under development. ACCIONA is accelerating the take-up of a circular economy model prioritizing the material recovery of waste and, in second instance, the use of energy recovery technologies.

Urban solutions How ACCIONA addresses these Our progress by 2021
Collection and transport of source segregated non-hazardous waste. Waste collection, recycling, and energy recovery projects.
  • Waste collection and street cleaning services in municipalities of Spain, such as Madrid, Alcobendas and Calpe, that benefit over 1.37 million inhabitants.
  • 850,000 tons of urban waste treated by energy recovery plants per year, which generated 619 MWh of electricity.

ACCIONA aims to help citizens play their part, offering sustainable, shared, and low-carbon mobility. By 2030, 35% of passenger vehicles will be electric, and light electric vehicles present a solution for reducing CO₂ emissions, congestion, noise and lack of recreational space in cities.

The company currently offers the largest shared mobility scheme worldwide: an electric scooter sharing service, available in eight cities across Europe.

Urban solutions How ACCIONA addresses these Our progress by 2021
Efficient personal mobility. Scooters with zero direct emissions. +1,436 tonnes of CO₂ emissions avoided

The cities of tomorrow will be built to last for multiple generations. ACCIONA seeks to design and construct smart buildings from sustainable materials, fully digitally integrated and able to reduce energy consumption.

Urban solutions How ACCIONA addresses these Our progress by 2021
Construction of new buildings. Construction aligned with regulations for Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) and with energy performance (EPC) equivalent to B or higher. Smart and efficient buildings that reduced 35% greenhouse gas emissions since 2017.

ACCIONA is developing pioneering construction projects in Spain and beyond. In practical terms, this means that the company carefully considers efficiency and local environment when choosing materials and systems. This results in energy and water savings in buildings whose construction will have an increasingly lower environmental impact.

ACCIONA aspires to convert cities into the places where sustainable progress happens. As specialists in the maintenance and upkeep of urban public spaces, the company helps transform cities into greener and more environmentally friendly environments.

ACCIONA designs and enacts landscape improvement plans for towns and cities, including:

  • environmental impact studies
  • the regeneration of natural spaces with artistic value; and
  • gardening and maintenance for green areas, among other activities.