2021 Report

Business as unusual


The company's unique business model is woven into every action and project that ACCIONA undertakes. By applying the Business as Unusual approach we respond to the challenges facing our planet through infrastructure, pursuing a positive impact on people and planet, and infrastructure's long-term productivity and profitability.

If business is to have a positive impact, the 'business as usual' approach must be left behind. Instead, each project must take a different or unusual path, by implementing sustainable development thinking from design through to completion.

Leading developer and operator of essential infrastructure

A report elaborated by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in 2018 stresses that most (72%) of the targets set by the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) are influenced by infrastructure development. ACCIONA solutions are fully aligned with the SDGs as the company activity on these solutions has a direct impact on the completion of many of the goals set by United Nations.

With a solid portfolio in the energy and infrastructure sectors, and with a strategy aligned with the 2030 Agenda, ACCIONA offers solutions that accelerate the attainment of the SDGs and attaining prosperity for all.


ODS 13
  • Accelerate growth to address energy transition
  • Become an ESG sector leader and increase presence in key clean energy & sustainability indices
  • Enhance equity & fixed income investor attention



ACCIONA constructs and operates infrastructure for passenger and cargo transport (roads, bridges, railways and tunnels)

  • Accelerate industrialisation & digitalisation of civil construction
  • Enhance positive externality impacts of each infrastructure asset delivered
  • Increase share of long-term operations in overall portfolio



The company designs, builds and operates drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, tertiary treatments for reuse and reverse osmosis desalination plants

  • Increase weight of mid & long-term revenues through water infra operations and water lifecycle management
  • Further consolidate leadership in state-of-the-art desalination and water treatment
  • Highest standards - digitalisation, efficiency, data and ESG objectives


ODS 03
ODS 04

ACCIONA develops infrastructure solutions for health, education and cultural engineering, as well as for the preservation and cleanliness of the natural environment with a focus on people and the environment.

  • Transforming society to promote the common good.
  • Positively influencing the development of society by providing comprehensive social infrastructure services that improve people’s quality of life.


ODS 11
ODS 12

Cities are the main hubs of economic and social activity, amassing a greater need for resources. ACCIONA is developing sustainable and transformative solutions, which can turn cities into truly productive and habitable well-being spaces.

  • Waste management and the circular economy
  • Electric and shared mobility
  • Revitalising urban space
  • Increasing green areas

Real Estate

ODS 11

ACCIONA’s real estate activity focuses on the development and management of real estate complexes

  • Increase weight of specialised/ high-value added development projects, focused on innovative sustainable solutions
  • Further the product diversification and segment specialisation by anticipating and adjusting to new consumer demands

Strategic objectives

Accordingly, the company has a competitive edge as the leader in this sector, both focusing on the short- medium-term impact on the bottom line, but also the longer-term impact on people and planet. Its technical capability, international presence and appropriate balance sheet structure enable it to deploy comprehensive solutions to meet the challenges of today's society and the needs of future generations.

EBITDA€ 1,483 M+31% growth from 2020

Gross CAPEX€ 1,543 M€843 M in 2020

Net Financial Debt€ 4,344 M-8,2% compared to 2020

BFD/EBITDA2.93x4.18x in 2020

Stable and resilient business

ACCIONA's ability to meet global challenges with capital availability place the company in a privileged position to identify opportunities and turn innovative sustainable development ideas into highly profitable assets.

We are one of the few global operators able to understand and meet the needs and opportunities posed by the sustainable agenda and transform its challenges into attractive infrastructure assets that contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth.



Financial Strength

2021 was a year of a strong growth across all profit lines, with a positive operating performance of the different activities and a significant reduction of the group financial leverage, driven by the funds coming from ACCIONA Energía IPO.