2021 Report


A unique new sector

There is increasing demand for infrastructure projects with a positive human and environmental impact. In our sector, this shift in focus is key – and through our Business as Unusual approach ACCIONA is pioneering this trend, allowing the company to add more value to society, strengthen relationships with stakeholders involved in actions, and increase the volume of projects it works on.

22,131 suppliers

93% CAPEX aligned with EU taxonomy

+40 countries

Global Sustainable challenges


Since 1996

Climate change

  • +51.4% Global CO₂ emissions

Electricity infrastructure gap

  • 940 million people still lack electricity


  • -31% availability per capita

Transport and Water infrastructure gap

  • 2.4 billion people still lack improved sanitation
  • 663 million people still lack improved drinking water
  • 1 billion people still live +2 km away from an all-season road


  • +63% Urban population

Investment Needs

  • $5-7 trillion Required annual investment to achieve SDGs (UNDP)




  • +ACCIONA Energía – Successful IPO
  • €1.086 billion EBITDA (+25% from 2020)
  • 13.4 million tCO2 emissions avoided by renewable generation
  • 24,541 GWh renewable electricity produced


  • €18.096 billion total backlog
  • €323 million EBITDA (+51% from 2020)
  • 1,033 Hm3 volume of water treated
  • 5,300 km of road built in the last ten years

Real Estate

  • 1,472 units sales backlog (+81.3% from 2020)
  • €1.361 billion GAV(+29.2% from 2020)

Real Estate

  • c. 9,000 Silence vehicles, 30% market share in Europe
  • +12,400 shared scooters


  • €7 billion assets under management (+10.6% from 2020)
  • Launch of BESTINVER Infra FCR Fund


Revenues increased by 25% to €8,104 million, with the following evolution in the different activity areas:

  • An increase in ACCIONA Energía revenues of +39.8%, driven by a 49.9% growth in Spain, a 105.0% increase in the US (on strong first quarter prices in Texas), and a 49.2% increase in Chile.
  • An increase in infrastructure division's revenues by +24.0% due to a combination of 30.6% and 7.8% growth in construction and water business lines, respectively, and -46.1% decrease in concessions, due to the sale of a Spanish concessions portfolio in December 2020.
  • The revenues from other activities increased by 10.8%, with a notable performance from Bestinver (+12.1%) and a higher contribution from the urban mobility solution.

Sustainable development as cornerstone of the business

Since its origins at the start of the 20th century, ACCIONA has been guided by values of responsibility. Even before the concept of sustainable development was regarded as a responsibility of corporations, social, ethical and environmental values, were already central to ACCIONA. Now, the company is a pioneer in driving sustainability in business, across all divisions.


Looking ahead

ESG challenges fir the years to come

In terms of ESG, ACCIONA has set itself a number of challenges for the years to come:

  • Achieving a lower accident frequency ratio than in 2021.
  • Increasing the percentage of women in executive and managerial positions over 2021 figure.
  • 90% of CapEx aligned with the European taxonomy of low carbon activities.
  • Reducing GHG emissions by 23.08% compared to 2017, in line with the 1.5ºC science-based target.

SMP 2025 levers to activate in 2022

In 2022, the company plans to activate the following SMP 2025 levers:

  • New definition of the corporate purpose, promise and principles.
  • New leadership model based on skills, commitment, accountability and the growth of people.
  • Reduction of scope 3 emissions through the decrease of the carbon footprint of materials.
  • Incorporation of Science Based Targets for Nature.
  • Reinforcement of the No Go policies for suppliers to adapt them to social safeguard controls.
  • Development of a “regenerative playbook” to activate the sustainable difference.
  • Structuring a network of local alliances in platform countries.